4 November 2015 – Victoria Avenue

So I’m back to blogging.  It’s been nearly a year, but I’m going to get back to this regularly–for the five or six of you who I’ve actually told about this so far, that is.

In early November, I took another hike, this time the full length of Victoria Avenue, one of Riverside’s most scenic streets.  Victoria Avenue runs along much of where the orange groves that contributed to Riverside’s early boom were located–some still remain, although there are also some residential neighborhoods, parks, and schools taking up a good bit of the old orange groves.

One of the neat things about Victoria is its landscaping.  Most of the street is divided with two lanes in either direction, and the median is well-tended, with beautiful trees, plants, and even mosses running along it; the sides of the streets are much the same.  I started on the northeast end of the street, which features an informational board explaining some of the street’s history as well as a historical marker.

As you proceed down the street, you’ll eventually come to Riverside Polytechnic High School, whose alumni include Reggie Miller; across the street, on the side I walked, is a well-tended asphalt path for walkers and their dogs.  It is, as one might expect, a fairly popular path for recreational walkers, runners, and strollers!

A short ways past the high school is a park, and then the next point of interest one comes upon is a “Little Free Library,” where one can leave a book or take one for one’s own use.  If I had known I would have brought some books of my own to donate.  I don’t know how much use it gets, but it seemed well-stocked.

The asphalt path runs most of Victoria’s length, but a few miles from the end it stops abruptly, forcing one to go to the road to continue.  There is a big diamond sign reading “END” there–perhaps Shel Silverstein’s inspiration?  At any rate, moving to the road was less than ideal as I moved into the bicycle lane, where I was constantly turning my head back to ensure I wasn’t about to get run over.  I also had to briefly cross to the other side due to some road work that was blocking the bicycle lane on my side.

That lasted for a mile or so, then the sidewalk started back up for the last bit.  There wasn’t much to speak of here–a few vacant grassy lots, then one comes to the intersection with La Sierra.  Victoria continues on past that, but is fairly nondescript from then on.  So I turned up La Sierra, walked past the Metrolink station up to Magnolia, where I boarded the bus back home.

Pictures and map coming soon!

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